Worried about Erectile Dysfunction?

Worried Erectile Dysfunction? Let’s talk briefly about the main things. You feel that something has happened to your erection, but you do not know if you need to see a doctor, and which one?


He is the first one to know about your affairs. His task is to collect carefully all your complaints in order to stumble over the cause of the problems (and if you are not used to talking to outsiders about such topics, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire). He will prescribe standard clinical studies to exclude such problems as, for example, infection or inflammation of the prostate. If necessary, he will make a study of the blood vessels of the genitals, in order to rule out infringement of inflow/outflow of blood. And if after all these procedures, the urologist finds nothing, he will have the right to suspect that the reason for your difficulties lies in the psycho emotional sphere. Then he will refer you to another specialist.


And also a sexologist, psychotherapist, psychologist and other specialists, in theory, should see you only after the urologist did. After all, the first thing a good sex therapist will ask you is if you were at an urologist’s reception and did the necessary examination go there? If it happened and you passed – then welcome. The field of interest of sexologists and sex therapists are sex-related mental problems: the so-called psychogenic erectile dysfunction (erectile problems caused solely by ‘cockroaches’ in your head) and other disorders of sexual life. However, it is up to you to decide what kind of trouble you have – mental or fundamental, not alone, but all with the same urologist.

Is this impotence

Any urologist will tell you that unpleasant surprises happen to everyone. We are not sex machines – it reassure the doctors of the highest category. Our erection depends on what we eat, how we feel, what our mood is, whether our sexual partner is pleasant or unpleasant… There are many factors. However, if story repeats, if there is regularity in these malfunctions, it is better to visit a doctor. Do not frighten yourself with the terrible word “impotence”. The World Health Organization has long advised doctors to replace it with “erectile dysfunction” (this is when the diagnosis has already been made) or “an erection disorder” (if the sentence has not yet been pronounced).

Erectile dysfunction has quite a medical interpretation: insufficient tumescence (i.e., swelling) of the sexual organ, the impossibility of its introduction into the vagina, the disappearance of the erection during intercourse, inability to complete the sexual act (absence of ejaculation). If these symptoms become normal and make themselves felt for three months, the problem must be solved.

Application of tablets for erection

Currently, in medicine, many medications have been developed to increase potency: classical Viagra and its analogs, such as Kamagra, Cialis, Tadalafil. Such remedies for the restoration of erection can have a one-time effect, and be used for permanent treatment. Stimulation of weakened potency is carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist.