The Weight Loss Enigma

The Weight Loss Enigma For an ideal result, it is necessary that a dietitian prescribed diet remedies not blindly, so the treatment did well. Not because diet pills are dangerous, but because the nutritionist knows what tasks each drug solves, and what remedies are needed in your case.

The drug Meridia is quite popular all over the world. The active substance in all preparations is the same – Sibutramine. This substance acts on a completely different principle. It suppresses the appetite. Meridia inhibits the reverse capture of serotonin and norepinephrine in the central nervous system, which contributes to a faster sense of saturation, as well as faster energy expenditure.

Meridia is prescribed to people with eating disorders who constantly eat and cannot stop. The original drug is sold only on prescription. However, in our Canadian pharmacy, you can buy its generic analog without a prescription. When it is taken, blood pressure may rise, and patients with a heart rhythm disorder should take it cautiously.

Such diet pills act on the centers of hunger and satiety that are in the brain. Unfortunately, there are no substances that selectively act only on one of the brain structures and do not affect the state of the entire nervous system and the body as a whole.

The activity of the nervous system can be reduced to the transfer of electrical impulses from one nerve cell to another and from the nerve cells to cells of other tissues. This transfer is carried out through chemical substances – mediators. The role of different mediators in different structures of the brain varies. In the work of the centers of hunger and saturation, an important role is played by serotonin.

This substance is found in all tissues of the body, mainly in the digestive system and nervous tissue. Serotonin has an excitatory effect on the nervous system, and one of the manifestations of it is a decrease in the feeling of hunger – just as with the natural excitation of the nervous system, getting carried away by work or playing, a person forgets about food for a time.

In conclusion, it can be noticed that even the most effective drug won’t give you the best of its result if you won’t follow the diet and include sports in your daily routine.