Are you afraid of taking Provigil for your sleepiness problems?

Are you afraid of taking Provigil? Insomnia is a malfunction in the work of our “biological clocks,” which are responsible for the alternation of wakefulness and sleep. Normally, the biological clock works stably. They prepare the body for bed. At the same time, the speed of reactions decreases, mental and physical performance, blood pressure, and temperature decrease, less adrenaline-like hormones increase activity. But if there is a failure in the biorhythms, then these processes do not begin in the evening, but in the morning, when it’s time for you to get up.

About 30% of men and 35% of women suffer from insomnia. This problem is relevant for young children, as well as for middle-aged and elderly people. It is noticed that the older the person is, the more often he complains at insomnia. This problem is especially common among the socially unprotected category of people.

Insomnia takes us by surprise. Depriving a full sleep, it violates our plans for the day, causes depressed mood and breakdown. If you are confronted with insomnia, it is very important to eliminate the cause of the problem, in order to continue without medication to normalize sleep.

Sleeping drugs are far from harmless; many of them – benzodiazepines, barbiturates – cause physical and mental addiction, making sleep without tablets impossible. Such medications are contraindicated for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, which means they should not be prescribed without preliminary examination to those who snore at night. In addition, some potent sleeping pills worsen the respiratory function, so it is contraindicated to people with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other pulmonary pathologies, in which the patient develops respiratory failure.

Reception of Provigil does not cause mental and physical addiction and does not violate the natural phases of sleep. The drug does not affect memory and concentration in the daytime, has a minimal amount of contraindications, does not aggravate the course of the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Possessing a pronounced effect, the drug is completely safe. If you decide on the independent use of remedy to improve sleep, make a choice in favor of Provigil.

All preparations based on vegetative components are indicated for mild forms of insomnia, increased nervous excitability. It is worth noting that they mostly have a calming, not sleeping, effect. They are not intended for a purposeful solution of problems with sleep, so that they help weakly and not all users get rid of insomnia.

However, do not neglect them with regard to children. Insomnia in children is a separate topic. When a child does not sleep well at night, this is an occasion for compulsory medical treatment. If your child suffers from increased excitability, falls asleep in the evenings for a long time and often wakes up in the middle of the night, sparing drugs for a good sleep will help normalize his or her condition.

Nature has given us a large number of herbs that have soothing and hypnotic effects. Among them are valerian, motherwort, oregano, hawthorn, and lemon balm. From the listed grasses, people prepare herbal gatherings and medical products.

If you do not want to resort to pharmacological drugs to combat sleep disorders and prefer home remedies for insomnia, taking a soothing decoction half an hour before bedtime can help you. Unfortunately, sometimes insomnia exists as a chronic condition, forcing the patient to take sleeping pills every day. In this case, however, give preference to more powerful drugs. A good sleeping pill is Soma, as well as Ambien and other similar drugs.