How To Get The Appropriate Provigil Dosage – 100 mg or 200 mg

How To Get The Appropriate ProvigilProvigil was created in the late 70ies of last century by a French company. Fifteen years later, as a result of the tests, the drug could not only fight narcolepsy but simply turns off the need in rest for some time. Ten years later, the production of the medicine based on it began in France. Almost at the same time, USA decided to start making such a drug either. Under the name “Provigil” in the end of 1998, the FDA authorized the sale of this medicine as a remedy to cure narcolepsy.

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To ensure that the pilots from the Air Force could easily hold without rest for about two days (about 40 hours), they needed 600 mg of the drug. This impressive amount of the drug was necessary so that the speed, response, and functionality would not be affected.

Doctors and police in the US state of Maryland apply Modafinil to maintain the concentration of attention and not be distracted from work by fatigue. In addition, Canadian medical sources say that this medicine is even included in the list of necessary preparations for cosmonauts on the international space station.

This analeptic helps to affect the medulla oblongata and its center. So the vital aspects of our activities, such as breathing and the work of the blood system, are stimulated and the medicine has an invigorating effect.

Modafinil is used for those who suffer from narcolepsy and attention deficit problems. Also, this medicine is used as a source of strengthening the abilities of the organism in the cognitive sphere.

However, despite doctors have recognized its effectiveness and safety, the drug has few side effects. Professors of the University of California argue that the maximum negative consequences of using this remedy are almost as scary as an overdose of coffee. In other words, the maximum that threatens the patient is mild abdominal pain and increased nervousness. The drug does not cause addiction – it is also an important aspect.

Maria Highland, the famous columnist for The Guardian, tried the medicine on herself. The main effect that the woman noticed immediately, she expressed as a state of happiness. This was also affected by the easy placebo effect, but a good mood was present throughout the treatment.

The effect of euphoria ceased in a month, but the concentration and the opportunity to work without stopping remained. Highland took a huge amount of the drug: 400 milligrams of the drug daily without any consequences and believed that it did not make her smarter but made more productive.

In the column, Highland mentioned that she was taking the drug for six months since it was effective against the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, with which she was ill. Improvement of cognitive skills was only a pleasant bonus.

The daily dosage of 400 milligrams is too much. Do not exceed the limit of one dose per day. Depending on the manufacturer, one dose equals 80 to 200 milligrams of the active substance.

Scientists agree that the drug will become increasingly popular. Psychiatrist James McGow even suggests that employers will give preference to employees who take cognitive amplifiers, thereby showing how important work is to them. Any manager wants to get such a “Superman” – an employee who can work for 16 hours and do not slow down. The main thing, in this case, is not to exceed the dose, because this medicine still has a significant effect on the body. Despite the lack of pronounced side effects even from an overdose, taking any medications should be moderate and stay within reason. 200 mg is more than a sufficient dose of this medication; most often, an average person will need 100 mg to fully experience the effect of these tablets.