Levitra works slower for men who have ED but this is a good thing

Levitra is the generic drug for increasing potency. It is characterized by a fairly long time of action and the highest safety profile among all drugs to enhance potency. According to most buyers, Levitra is the golden means in the matter of choosing a drug to increase potency and, of course, has an invariably excellent result! Even if a man does not notice a positive effect, which is extremely rare, he also does not notice a negative effect on the body, which is good.Levitra works slower for men who have ED

Levitra is 10 times more efficient than Viagra and 13 times more effective than Cialis.

The question arises: how can this be possible? After all, everyone knows that Viagra was the No. 1 drug from this list. Moreover, Levitra is not just an analog of Viagra. Levitra is a modern, improved and approved drug.

The effectiveness of Levitra was again proved by scientists in the medical center of Cologne University.

Levitra starts to act much earlier than the analogs, there are cases when only in 10 minutes after the application, the patient experienced the effect of the drug. The greatest amount of time that was required to bring the male erection into a normal state was twenty-five minutes.

The duration of Levitra is not as high as that of Cialis, but after all, 4-6 hours is a sufficient time for sexual intercourse. And most importantly, Levitra causes significantly fewer side effects (they only occur in 2% of the cases).

Levitra’s medical research, made by German and English manufacturing firms, proved that Levitra operates in 50% of cases when the habitual Viagra was ineffective.

It has also been shown that Levitra was effective in 70% of men who experienced the removal of the prostate, and in 72% of men with diabetes mellitus.

One of the most recent studies of Levitra were conducted in America. The study involved 200 patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, aged 18 to 65 years. For one month, the first group of patients took the drug, and the second group took a placebo. Among all men, 40% had erectile dysfunction of moderate degree, in 30% – severe. Using 10 mg of Levitra 50 minutes before the sexual intercourse, patients could increase the duration from 6 to 12 minutes, without any side effects. In exceptional cases, men complained of a rush of blood to the face and a headache. As a result of the tests, it was revealed that Levitra’s thirty-day treatment can increase the sexual intercourse several times.

If the patient has a serious and neglected stage of the disease, the drug will not act so quickly, but this is an exceptional advantage of these tablets. Why? Let’s try to explain. The fact is that Levitra does not just give a short-term effect for one sexual act; it literally heals a man, allowing him to make more impressive feats in bed each time.

In addition, the slow effect on erection allows the body to relax and not get a too powerful stroke and stress. This allows you to make the treatment more effective: there were cases when, due to the use of this drug, men completely got rid of problems and no longer needed a drug to maintain erection.

All these medical studies do confirm the highest effectiveness of the drug. Nowadays it can be named the best among all possible variants.