How to take Tramadol in order to keep away complications

Experts explain how to use analgesics properly, get the most benefit and minimize the potential negative side reactions. Always relate with care and attention to taking drugs, especially when it comes to powerful opium analgesics. Tips will help you to avoid many problems: pills anyway have a strong effect on the body, so you need to follow the rules to minimize harm from drugs.

  • Do not take medicine on an empty stomach.
  • If you wake up with pain, you have a strong temptation to take a pill immediately. But it can damage the stomach.
  • The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of different painkillers. When you choose an anesthetic, remember that any medicine can harm your body.
  • Do not take several drugs at the same time to avoid an overdose. Often, the composition of various drugs by name includes one active substance. Use pain medication after eating, as they can irritate the stomach mucosa. It is not recommended to drink milk, coffee.
  • Observe the schedule for taking Tramadol. Many take painkillers at the wrong time and then complain that they do not work.
  • When we grow old, our organs do not work as effectively as they did in youth, and the drugs are withdrawn from the body more slowly. Elderly patients should be careful to observe sufficient time intervals between doses of drugs. Kidneys need more time to excrete chemicals, and the heart also does not work so fast, slowing the circulation of blood. As a result, the medicine also circulates in the body more slowly.

How to take Tramadol in order to keep away complications An important role is played by the ratio of the fluid in different parts of the body. For most of life, the amount of fluid inside our cells exceeds its amount outside the cells, but this ratio varies with age. As a result, the active substance of the drug may be retained in the intercellular fluid; it takes more time to enter the liver where it is metabolized. For this reason, for elderly people, local anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of a gel, cream or patch may be more useful. High doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are associated with a higher risk of blood clots, so elderly people who are predisposed to a stroke or a heart attack should consult a doctor about their admission.

Even if you do not exceed the daily dose, taking three tablets instead of one or two can be dangerous.

Will addiction develop?

Many are afraid that a constant intake of pain medication will lead to dependence on them or addiction. Neither one nor the other will happen with the timely intake of drugs on a schedule.

With regular admission and disruption of the schedule, a patient needs a large dose over time to achieve an analgesic effect.

Why not split the tablet in half

Some believe that it’s enough to take half the pill, and the pain will pass. If there are no special separating line on the tablet, do not break it. Such a tablet will not achieve an analgesic effect in a half dose. A blow to the pain should be palpable.

Anti-inflammatory drugs often have a coating (designed to protect the walls of the stomach from irritation), and if such a tablet is broken in half, it will crumble. The drug will be more difficult to take, and in addition, the substance will begin to be absorbed in the stomach, and not in the small intestine, as it should be. It should be borne in mind that some tablets are designed for slow gradual absorption.

By following these simple rules, you can get the most out of Tramadol and other painkillers that you can buy at an online pharmacy.