How to protect yourself from a Canadian pharmacy scam?

Canadian pharmacy scam The fact that there is a lot of deception on the Internet is not a secret for anyone, but it’s also not a secret that you can often buy products in the network that are much cheaper or even absent in the shops of your city and country, which means that it is possible to buy online profitably. But it is important to know how not to lose your money by contacting fraudsters.


Safe shopping at the Canadian online pharmacy: tips and tricks

By accessing the site, we, first of all, evaluate its design – the degree of thoroughness and ease of posting information. But a tempting appearance can become a bright wrapper framing a pacifier, so before making an order, you need to make sure of the authenticity of the virtual store.

Let’s look at specific examples of steps leading to safe shopping.

Step # 1 – Seller Information

Sections “About Us”, “About the Company”, “Contacts” should be placed on the main page of the site, where you can find detailed information about the service provider. Among important information, as a rule, the store address and contacts for feedback are highlighted. The responsible organization is always aimed at communicating with the consumer, is open to questions and wishes.

Step # 2 – checking the details

With the help of the presented information, it is possible to verify the authenticity of the enterprise and the legality of its work.

Step # 3 – payment options

In order to purchase goods online, you must choose the most acceptable and safe method of payment. With all the available options, you can find in the special section of the site – “Payment methods”. For convenience and safety, it is desirable that there were several of them.

Step # 4 – customer reviews

Before making the final choice of the store and the good, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the similar experience of other people. You can do it on special virtual platforms – forums, social networks, and blogs. The main thing is that these are third-party sites with comments disinterested in user sales.

Step # 5 – site in the search engines

If the store’s website appears only in contextual advertising, it’s not good. The first thing is to find the site you like in the search engine, and if it does not take the leading positions (that is, it is not at least on the 2nd-3rd pages), you can hesitate in its honesty.

Step # 6 – feedback

The lack of virtual stores, which consists in the lack of live communication, is compensated by the possibility of feedback. With its help, you may not only ask the seller additional questions but also confirm the security of the purchase. To contact the employees of the organization easily, use the services of an online consultant, ordering a free call or by calling the specified phone numbers.

Particular attention should be paid to the purchase of rare drugs when it comes to the online pharmacy. It can be powerful analgesics, or simply hard-to-reach medicines, such as Provigil and others. Always remember that a pharmacy that is actively engaged in sales on the network is responsible for its work and, therefore, you should receive answers to all your questions after the first contact with technical support. If something causes suspicion or mistrust, it is better to contact another company.

Following these simple instructions, you can protect yourself from scammers and enjoy the benefits of shopping in online stores. Taking care of the rules and attention to detail will allow choosing reliable sellers and quality goods!