How should you use Zolpidem for short-term use?

Zolpidem (Ambien) is a drug is the hypnotics of the non-benzodiazepine structure (imidazopyridine group).

How should you use Zolpidem for short-term use? When administered orally, the dosage is different for adult patients and children, with a single dose not exceeding 10 mg for any case. Important point: taking the drug by patients over 65 years of age should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. In exceptional cases, the dose can be increased to 20 mg, but it is necessary to proceed with caution. Taking the drug should be in the evening, before bedtime, regardless of the duration of treatment. The initial dose is 5 mg. The duration of treatment can be as little as a few days or a few weeks.

A short period of treatment will help to get rid of weak problems, and also eliminate insomnia attacks if such a problem is new to the patient. Pay attention to the side effects: despite the short treatment period, the “shock dose” can have a powerful effect on the unprepared organism in the form of a digestive system disorder. Most often, with a short period of treatment, the patient suffers from the following side effects:

  • problems with stool
  • nausea
  • unpleasant sensations in the area of the stomach and intestines.

If after starting the admission of a drug you notice any deviations in your sensations and experience a negative effect, it is recommended that you stop taking it immediately. You should not immediately take the maximum dosage as the body can react very negatively.

Negative effects from the nervous system are also possible. If in a short period of treatment, the dosage exceeds 10 mg per day, then the appearance of the following is possible:

  • dizziness and migraines
  • feelings of weakness
  • drowsiness during the day
  • weakness in the muscles.

Stronger effects appear with prolonged treatment. One of the advantages of a short-term treatment is that the patient does not manage to bring the body to a state of exhaustion. However, an increased dose may speed up the process.

The emergence of an instant reaction with individual intolerance of the components is possible:

  • allergy
  • rash
  • scabies
  • problem with libido.

Formation of addiction is excluded; such effect is possible only after three weeks of treatment.


The drug is not recommended even for a single use (it will still be ineffective) if the patient has a suspicion of apnea, kidney problems, or if the patient is under 15 years old.

It is not recommended to be taken by pregnant and lactating women: the effect of the drug on the fetus is negative, it is allowed only in exceptional cases.

Obligatory consultation with the doctor in the case of detection of pregnancy and after the start of taking the drug.

Also, if there are even minor problems with the liver, the dosage should be minimized (up to 5 mg). You can gradually increase the dose with a positive reaction. Short-term treatment does not imply a gradual discontinuation of the drug; the body should feel comfortable throughout the treatment period.

It is strongly recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol throughout the treatment period. Also during the period of action of the drug, it is better to exclude driving vehicles and work with any mechanisms to avoid injuries.

The increased concentration of the drug can potentially affect the concentration of the patient, making it physically weaker. After the end of treatment, the effect will be eliminated.

Drug Interactions

It is forbidden to take a joint with Klonopin in order to avoid negative side effects even during short treatment.