Getting Ambien without prescription

Getting Ambien without prescription There is no need to talk about how badly the state of health worsens if a person has a sleep disorder. However, many of those suffering from insomnia do not go to the doctor: someone because of the reluctance, someone because of lack of time or other reasons. Therefore, people often ask where to buy a sedative without a prescription. If you are one of them, it will be helpful for you to learn how to buy sleeping pills over the counter. However, it is worth remembering that sleeping pills, especially tranquilizers, are dangerous for snoring people as they may stop breathing during sleep (cause sleep apnea).

Over-the-counter taking of potent drugs is prohibited. This is due to the presence of a large number of side effects in them. Many of these drugs are quite inexpensive, which is considered their advantage, but often they are very dangerous, because they inhibit physical activity, cause memory problems, provoke drug addiction, and the most dangerous of them can trigger breathing stops in sleep. Only doctor can appoint such a thing after the examination and determine the cause of insomnia. The recommended medication will be as safe as possible for health. However, you can buy Ambien in an online pharmacy: it is not only convenient but also beneficial in all respects. You can avoid long queues in the hospital and get the necessary medicine without problems.

It should be noted that any drug that is supposed to be used for the treatment of insomnia, should be strong and properly selected for the existing sleep disorder. For example, in cases of sleep disturbances, it is sufficient to use drugs with a short effect: they will be enough for a person to have a deep sleep. When waking up at night, preparations of a longer duration are prescribed.

Homeopathic sedatives without a prescription do not cause retardation and daytime sleepiness. However, they do not have a pronounced proven action: someone says that they help to fall asleep, but someone does not have such an impression.

How to start treatment for insomnia

It begins with a survey (polysomnography) to identify the causes of insomnia and to exclude the illness of stopping breathing in a dream. Based on the diagnostic results, therapy is prescribed.

With episodic (up to 1 week) and short-term (1-4 weeks) insomnia, you will be helped by over-the-counter sedatives. If you decide to take medication yourself, you can opt for herbal preparations.

Drug therapy is necessarily prescribed in conjunction with sleep hygiene, which is even more important than the medications themselves. It can be supplemented by physiotherapy, psychotherapy and other ways.

It must be remembered that hypnotics are contraindicated in the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea, which is quite common in the elderly. In this disease, the patient is periodically observed breathing stops in sleep caused by a decrease in the tone of the pharynx muscles and, as a consequence, narrowing of its lumen.

The use of hypnotics in apnea syndrome causes even greater muscle relaxation, because of which the number of pauses in breathing increases. In addition, many of these agents reduce the activity of the respiratory center. It becomes less sensitive to oxygen starvation, so episodes of apnea can become not only more frequent but also more prolonged.

All this increases the symptoms and consequences of the disease: it can lead to hypertensive crises, heart rhythm disorders, angina pectoris, increased risk of strokes and heart attacks.

That is why you have to choose only the proven and well-known pharmacies and take care of your health.