Answers to important questions before you buy Phentermine

Answers to important questions before you buy Phentermine According to experts, there is still not a single ideal remedy for weight loss. Nevertheless, you can cure obesity. Official medicine persistently considers the main ways of treatment as a long approach to the problem: diet, exercise and surgical intervention. Medicines or food additives are considered only as an addition to these techniques.

However, doctors do not give up and continue to look for a magic “pill against obesity” and, perhaps, their efforts will be crowned with success, the world will receive the ideal drug and get rid of the problems of obesity once and for all. But, rather, it will hurt just like its predecessors, which, for the most part, are now classified as drugs or poisons.

The last failure of pharmacologists was Ephedra. Many unsuccessful and dangerous cases of diseases, multiple heart attacks and strokes were recorded. However, such reports did not stop those who wanted to lose weight: in America, on the eve of an official ban on Ephedra, preparations on its basis were literally swept off the shelves of pharmacies and shops.

It is important to answer a few questions before taking this medication:

  • how much excess weight do you have,
  • do you have any problems with the thyroid gland,
  • do you have diabetes,
  • are you familiar with the side effects of the drug.

Phentermine is allowed for admission with a body mass index of more than 30 in the absence of diseases and more than 27 in the presence of diabetes. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you have thyroid disease and disease of other internal organs. History knows many cases of unsuccessful treatment.

Earlier, a full-fledged thyroid extract was used for treatment. This was a very peculiar remedy that helped to lose excess pounds. However, it allowed understanding that the negative effects are very significant: the excess of the hormone that appeared in the body, increased metabolism and made it very fast. Of course, the kilograms were gone, but other diseases appeared, such as tremor, excessive sweating, and, most dangerous, eye problems, a variety of eye pathologies. Subsequently, the technology was abandoned.

In 1933, a new drug called Dinitrophenol was invented. This drug was originally an insecticide; it was treated with plants and insects in the gardens to avoid spoilage. This is what made it eventually a recognized poison, as poisoning with such a means leads to significant problems with breathing. Despite this, it can break down fats. By the way, it is important to check the packaging of any means for weight loss, as poison for insects, which is dangerous to humans can be included in their composition in a small amount.

In 1937, a new “magic pill” was a drug, now known negatively throughout the world: amphetamine. Previously, it was sold without a prescription, but now it is a drug that is considered the most powerful psycho stimulant. It helps to increase energy and physical activity, reduces hunger and acts exactly as needed, with the exception of side effects. It was tried to combine with other substances, but this had a minimal effect (for example, a diuretic), so in the end, it was banned.

Despite the serious side effects, the creation of remedies for weight loss continues. Moreover, work is still under way on preparations that increase energy consumption and suppress appetite (anorectics). Now one of the most effective is Sibutramine, on the basis of which Meridia was created.

In general, we can identify the main group of drugs with the greatest effect.

Means that reduce food intake (reduce appetite) are drugs that act directly on the appetite centers in the brain. These include Phentermine, which is considered a psycho stimulant.