5 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Using Medication

Blood Pressure Without Using Medication No one is immune from the troubles with blood pressure and it can happen at any time and anywhere – outside the city, at work or when you are alone at home and there is just no person to provide first aid. If you treat yourself to perfectly healthy people – that’s excellent! But in this case, it is unlikely that you have drugs that could quickly reduce the pressure. Of course, we are not talking about those critical situations when we can’t avoid medical intervention. Nevertheless, everyone should be able to provide short-term assistance, at least before the arrival of a doctor.

Consider a few simple, proven methods, often allowing you to reduce pressure without drugs and outside help.

  1. Take a comfortable position that allows you to relax as much as possible. Breathe deeply and smoothly, holding your breath for 8-10 seconds on exhalation. The breathing exercise should be performed for 3-5 minutes. Perhaps, you will not feel a significant improvement at once. But, having measured the pressure repeatedly, you will see that it, albeit slightly, but decreased.
  2. Apple cider vinegar will help to reduce the pressure softly and gently. Dissolve it with warm water, moisten the tissue napkin and apply a compress to the feet. In 10-15 minutes, relief will come.
  3. It is possible to normalize the pressure with the help of simple water procedures. Open the cold-water tap, and immerse your hands under the jet until your forearm. Rinse your face with cold water, and briefly apply a wet towel to the thyroid and solar plexus areas. There is another option: contrasting footbaths. Prepare two basins; fill one with hot water, the other – with cold water. Dip your feet alternately: for 2 minutes in hot, then for half a minute in cold water. Continue the procedure for up to 10 minutes. The tone of the vessels will gradually return to normal.
  4. With a sharp increase in pressure, take 2 ice cubes from the freezer, lie on the bed face down and attach ice to the cervical vertebra. Hold the ice until it completely melts. Then carefully rub this place with any oil. This is probably the fastest way to lower pressure. But it is not recommended to use the tip too often.
  5. Another way to reduce pressure is to massage your head. Massage should be made with lightly rubbing movements, starting from the occiput to the crown, then go to the forehead and the temporal part. This method is especially helpful if the malaise has overtaken you outside the home and other ways are unavailable. You can also do self-massage of the collar zone and the front of the chest.

Such methods can be used mainly in those cases when the pressure has risen sharply and this has caused you discomfort. If you constantly suffer from such symptoms, better stock up on proven medicines. In our online pharmacy, you will find a wide selection of a variety of drugs available for purchase without a prescription, including Lasix and others. To improve the effect, it is also recommended to follow a diet with low sugar content and using natural sweeteners (Stevia), adhere to a healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive stress.